How to make

your brand more profitable

using a sales funnel* on steroids:

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I have a secret I'd like to share with you about how to make your business run more smoothly and to follow up on leads like you never have before, all from one login, one unified platform.

Take a peek at the list of features below. What if you could have all of these working TOGETHER?

Brand You Funnels does this for one reasonable monthly fee.** You can integrate Google, Zoom, instant messaging, call recordings... it's one pretty impressive platform!

* What's a sales funnel? A sales funnel is an online marketing path that potential customers choose on the way to a purchase. There are "steps" to a sales funnel, which may involve displaying a page, sending an e-mail or creating an internal trigger to remind you to follow up with a new customer or client.

Henry Lyons, Finestkind Web Design

I have been involved in Brand You Funnels since it began early this year (2021) and have fully integrated it into the marketing for my mastermind groups "Finestkind Mastermind". The flexibility is top-knotch and the support I received from the development team has been nothing short of phenomenal. They even have a support team meeting you can attend several times a month. Bring questions!

Note: this is not a platform for the faint of heart. It will challenge you and make you a better marketer and professional. Do not think that it will do the work for you because it does not. You can automate many things, but you should test them manually before you automate them! After you set it up, IT DOES GIVE YOU FAR MORE TIME to spend on making contacts and relationships instead of trying to get all your technology to work together. As with any complex platform, it may require some coaching, depending on your tech agility. I am available to assist you remotely at normal consulting or pre-paid package discount rates if you need it, or you can query the amazing BYF support staff.

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**Certain features require you already have an account with a third-party provider. For example, right now the only payment processor accepted in the funnel is Stripe. You will need a Stripe account to receive payments through the funnel. Another example is MailGun. In order to proprly send emails that don't go straight to a junk or spam folder, you will need a paid MailGun account ($35/month for the basic plan last I checked). Some accounts have free options as well, so your costs for third-party platforms may vary. Contact me if you have any questions if you like before you sign up and I can help you estimate the total present ongoing costs. The bottom line however is that you will save a lot of money if you are already paying for the Brand You Funnels included services.